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Quick Look: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

2020-09-24 52:29 Quick Looks

Brad, Ben, and Jeff hop into some paintings and check out this collection of Marios!

Quick Look: WWE 2K Battlegrounds

2020-09-24 40:38 Quick Looks

This year's installment of 2K's wrestling game looks kinda different, but the crotches chop just the same.

Quick Look: Hades

2020-09-23 22:43 Quick Looks

We attempt to punch, stab, and dodge our way out of the underworld but remind ourselves it's not the destination but the journey!

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 9

2020-09-23 16:05


Quick Look: NBA 2K21

2020-09-23 01:34 Quick Looks

We're joined by Larry Basketball to not only find out how the overall game is this year, but to really find out how that character creator is!

Help Drew Raise Money for the MS Fundraiser 2020!

2020-09-22 26:44 Features

Drew Scanlon joins us to fly some planes for a good cause!

Giant Bombcast 653: That's Hot Soup!

2020-09-22 30:50 Giant Bombcast

Between the Bethesda acquisition, PlayStation 5 pricing, and our budding Vtuber careers, there's a LOT to talk about this week, along with Mario 3D All-Stars, WWE Battlegrounds, the final version of Hades, quarantine bathing habits, and more breakfast cereals ...

Giant Bomb x Spawn4Good: Alex Drums the Vote!

2020-09-21 01:33 Features

Let's melt some faces and donate some cash for a good cause!

Giant Bomb x Spawn4Good: Brad Spelunks the Vote!

2020-09-21 54:16 Features

Brad died repeatedly in the mines as part of SpawnOnMe's drive to benefit VoteRiders. Here is that stream!

Quick Look: Wasteland 3

2020-09-18 38:49 Quick Looks

Matt and Ben are here to tactically scour the wastelands!